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Step One for Kilwa Projects

It is a huge undertaking to start both a tourism company and multiple projects all at once- but this is something we believe in and are passionate about! So we are going for it. All or nothing. There is a need that community development projects always have and that is partnerships that provide funding and resources to give the projects a boost, especially at the beginning. We are always talking about what we do (and what we hope to do) with people we meet, and sometimes the person is so moved that they want to give a gift. We love those people! Sometimes the person is moved to be involved as a mentor or offer a service that can be useful to our projects. We love those people, too!  Linked to funding, our step one is land . We have our eyes on a plot of land situated perfectly in our town, and once we acquire it we can not only have a permanent physical address, but we can have an office and classroom for hosting youth leadership trainings- a key part of Thrive Kilwa . Our property wi


Welcome to the Community Development and Conservation initiatives of Kilwa Adventures tourism company! Whether you came over from planning a trip with us and now want to invest in our community as a partner, or if you came across our website and were curious to learn more about the action we’re taking- we are excited you’re here! Kilwa Adventures is located in the town of Kilwa Masoko (“town of shops”) in south coast Tanzania, East Africa. Our company started out of a passion to inspire and empower the upcoming generations to rise up and make a difference in our community and for our environment. The tours and activity-planning that we offer to residents and tourists funds our training programs to see that passion come to reality. To start, we’ll give a brief overview of the initiatives we currently have going, and in following articles we’ll detail the action being taken as it happens. Protect Kilwa is our efforts to keep our beaches clean. We have groups who gather to pick up trash