Welcome to the Community Development and Conservation initiatives of Kilwa Adventures tourism company! Whether you came over from planning a trip with us and now want to invest in our community as a partner, or if you came across our website and were curious to learn more about the action we’re taking- we are excited you’re here!

Kilwa Adventures is located in the town of Kilwa Masoko (“town of shops”) in south coast Tanzania, East Africa. Our company started out of a passion to inspire and empower the upcoming generations to rise up and make a difference in our community and for our environment. The tours and activity-planning that we offer to residents and tourists funds our training programs to see that passion come to reality.

To start, we’ll give a brief overview of the initiatives we currently have going, and in following articles we’ll detail the action being taken as it happens.

Protect Kilwa is our efforts to keep our beaches clean. We have groups who gather to pick up trash in the early morning hours all along our coast, and we extend an invitation to our visitors who are in town on holiday to join the fun. Most guests are more than happy to help, and it gives a sense of purpose and meaning to their trip.

Kilwa AquaVenture is a series of events and trainings offered to young people to increase awareness of environmental preservation. This program is about stewardship. The avenue we utilize is offering activities that interact closely with our natural landscape, such as kitesurfing and fishing, to educate youth on the impact of their choices.

Thrive Kilwa is focused on leadership training for the youth in our town. Engagement in this program resembles our approach with Kilwa AquaVenture because young people are motivated by action and fun, so we utilize watersports (our specialty) but the outcome we expect is to build leaders and entrepreneurs in whatever field of work they pursue.

Kilwa Adventures' first camping trip, 16/06/2023

Thank you for your interest, and please contact bookings@kilwaadventures.com to get involved. Check back regularly for updates on how our programs are going!


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